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Marissa, Birthkeeper.
Simply Natural Doula

Trust Birth. Trust yourself.

You can do amazing things.

Who I am.

Birth is magic,

Holding space for women in their power; birthing their babies into the world, birthing themselves as mothers into the world...its just magic.

I've given birth three times. Each an extraordinary experience, that led me on the path to becoming a birth keeper and childbirth educator.


To witness and support you as you walk this path that all before you have walked. To give you space and listen to you, the highest authority in the room, during your birth. To offer the sister connection during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, and walk that path with you as such.

I trust birth. I trust you. [:


Doula Support.

Prenatal Visits.

-Forming a connection.

- At least five visits; the more the merrier!

- Answer any Q's you have about all things prenatal/postnatal.

- Talk about your hopes and dreams for birth.

- Talk about your fears and blocks for birth.

On Call.

- Basically always.

- In town around your due time.

- ALWAYS available for phone calls/texting/emails.

- Will answer promptly around your due time.


- Join you when you need me.

- No hourly language.

- Holds space as a sister and friend.

- Can help with positions/comfort measures.

- Take pictures/video as able.

Postpartum Visits.

- At least two.

- Answer any Q's about your birth.

- Debrief/process your birth.

- Answer any Q's about postpartum.

- Sit with you as a fellow Mother and Sister.

- ALWAYS available for calls/texting/emails.

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Childbirth Education.


4 Week Series:

Spring       April 6th - 27th 2022

Summer    June 8th - 29th 2022

Fall           Oct 5th - 26th 2022

Winter       Jan 4th - 25th

Weekend Series:
2nd and 9th 2022
May    7th and 14th 2022
June    4th and 11th 2022
July    2nd and 9th 2022

**Private classes available also, just DM me!

Childbirth Education Class

4 Week Series - Wednesday Evenings - 6PM to 8PM

Material Covered:

Physiology of Birth

Birth Settings

Comfort Measures

Phases of Labor

Cesarean Birth

Vaginal Birth



This class covers so much. It can be taken by people having either a hospital birth OR birth center/home birth. It has value for all different birth settings, and really aims to help people understand the birth process and what to vaguely expect from their experience. PLUS, you have the chance to talk with someone who has been witness to births, all vastly different from one another, as well as given birth herself.

Group or private classes offered. A private four week series session is amazing, as it can be held in YOUR home. Whoever you plan to have at your birth, be it your partner, family member, friend or even child, can attend. Group classes are also great, as you then get to interact with other people and hear different perspectives/questions.

$175.00 per pregnant person (Your support team is more than welcome!)

Birth Story Medicine.

- 60 to 75 minutes in duration

- Unresolved/traumatic moment from birth.

- Helps to prepare you for an upcoming birth

- Helps to heal from a past birth event that still bothers/nags you.

$50.00 per session

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 Postpartum Class with Marissa and Katie!

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